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Teachers at the Rancho Tehama Elementary School

Teacher Grade Room Phone Email
Anna Washington Kindergarten and 1st Grade Teacher  K 585-2800 Washington
Brenda Nelson 1st and 2nd Grade Teacher  1 585-2800 Nelson
Tammy McKay 3rd and 4th Grade Teacher  2 585-2800 McKay
Rebekah Rodrigues 5th and 6th Grade Teacher  4 585-2800 Rodrigues


Principal of the Rancho Tehama Elementary School

Joe Lodigiani, Corning Union Elementary School District


Support Staff at the Rancho Tehama Elementary School

Sheila Blankenship, Secretary, Office, 530-585-2800, Email

Debra White, Paraprofessional Instructional Support
Nicole Whiting, Paraprofessional Instructional Support

Patty Smith, Resource Aide

John Hayburn, Bus Driver, Custodian and Maintanance

Donna Anderson, Library Clerk on Fridays

Therese Frankenberg, Music Teacher every Monday