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Clubs and Activities

Gaming Club: Teaching Kids to Play Magic:  The Gathering
November - February Fridays afterschool
We give kids access to the card game Magic: The Gathering by giving students the cards and resources they need to play the game. Cards have been donated through local game shops, such as Nexus Game Emporium, Red Bluff, and non-profits such as
But why teach kids Magic: The Gathering?
We believe that teaching Magic builds skills such as critical thinking, math, and reading. Magic also helps encourage socialization and engagement. Our Sort, Build, Play curriculum gets kids to engage with the game in a way that not only keeps them focused on the learning at that moment but makes it more likely they will stick with it down the road.
Students will learn how to play this interactive game and once they have become proficient they have the opportunity to keep the deck that they played or build a new deck from our collection of over 1,000 cards.
Club Advisor:  Richard Cherveny, VAPA Teacher